When Do the Emails Become an Issue?

With the latest reports out of Washington, DC indicating that the FBI is running a far more thorough and rigid investigation than is being publicly reported, when does the DNC start to panic?  The Clinton’s are powerful and have survived a litany of scandals over the years, but formal charges against HRC may be insurmountable.  There has to be a backup plan.

Is it Bernie Sanders?  Is it Michael Bloomberg?  Al Gore?  Nothing would serve to put Donald Trump into the White House faster than NOT having a very legitimate backup plan.  And right now it seems the coronation that the DNC had planned out back in May could very well be blowing up in the organization’s face.

HRC and the DNC need both a strong showing this week and to they need to assure the base that all is well going forward.  If Trump is right about one thing (only) it is that America hates losers.

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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Nearing Defcon 1

With the latest information regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server showing that there was indeed classified materials in the contents, one has to wonder how much longer merely “damage control” will work for the Clinton campaign.  Noted in the New York Times, two of the emails amongst the tens of thousands were even flagged as “Top Secret” by Federal investigators.  While there are still questions about how these classifications were derived, the story is not following the path that Clinton’s team laid out at the beginning of the year.

Not to be outdone, however, Clinton has remained defiant in her defense of the use of the private email server.  While this public show of confidence may play towards many of Clinton’s supporters, there are now many whispers among the Democratic Party worried about crumbling foundation.

What was called, just three months ago, a coronation, is now beginning to be a search for another candidate.  Bernie Sanders may not appeal to mainstream, moderate voters yet so perhaps the field is clearing for someone such as Vice President Joe Biden or former Vice President Al Gore.

If either one of these individuals tossed their hat in the ring, it could spell the end of Hillary’s run.  That has to have Clinton’s people in a panic internally.

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Back Door Gore?

Life, they say, is all about timing.  Just a few months ago the pundits had all but completed paving the road to the White House for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  What was once called a “coronation” is now a campaign in damage control.  Email server controversy, likability falling like a stone in the ocean, and the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders all have Democrat leaders scrambling.

In contrast to the Republican Party’s never-ending list of Presidential candidates, the Democratic field is wide open.  Only Clinton and Sanders, at this point, have looked like legitimate contenders for the nomination (Lincoln Chafee is not the horse to hitch the party wagon to).  This has created an opportunity for a well-established, well-connected, and well-financed individual to swoop in and take the nomination, along with the White House itself.

So enter Al Gore.  Since losing the 2000 coco_gorePresidential Election to George W. Bush, the former Vice President has stayed, for the most part, out of politics.  What he has done over the past 15 years is write books, produce movies, and give numerous speeches about saving the environment, all while building a folk-like hero status among his supporters.  A strong Democrat, yet moderate on more mainstream issues, may be viewed as a better nominee than Bernie Sanders if the Clinton campaign goes down in flames.

Whispers of a potential entry by Al Gore may just be the wishful thinking of some Democrats who have soured on Clinton and find Sanders too extreme.  A spokesperson for Gore downplayed the rumors say that they were “groundless,” but as we have seen time and time again, where there is smoke, there tends to be fire.

Gore, now 67, would need to move quickly to build a campaign team and find donors to his cause.  It is not too late yet, but this window of opportunity will close faster than in previous elections.  Top-tier candidates are expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and getting a late start will put any candidate at a significant disadvantage.

For some Democrats, Al Gore may be the party’s only hope.  The extent to which  this former political titan shifts the balance of power in the Democratic Party will be one of the main stories of the election.  It is certainly one that we will be watching.

Image: Team Coco

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